We first began working with Cody Pools in 2006. Our role when we started was to develop and maintain their website, provide search engine optimazation and create their “non-digital” marketing collateral. This included ads, tradeshow booth designs and more. At that time they were a growing pool builder that ranked in the middle of the Top 50 Pool Builders in the Nation. Over the next 7 years they rapidly climbed the annually ranked Top 50 and ranked #1. Since then, they’ve have held on to that ranking for 9 years to date.

A big reason for their rise, aside from their solid business approach and customer satisfaction, was how customers found them on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. We had them then..and still do today..on the first page of search results. And not just on the first page, but at the top. In addition, it wasn’t just about customers finding them in search. They contacted them as leads because the website for Cody Pools was clean, professional and easy to navigate.

They are currently in 3 major metro areas in Texas: Austin, San Antonio and Houston. There is alot of competition in these markets so website traffic is imperative. Below are some key stats that we were able to pull from Google Analytics for the year 2020 for the afore mentioned 3 major metro areas.

  • Total Website Traffic – 121,151
  • Total Website Leads – 13,653
    (This includes Scheduling a Consulation, Requesting a copy of a Free Pool Buying Guide and Phone Calls from website)

Just over 50% of the numbers above came from organic searches on Google, Bing and Yahoo. The remaining percentage was from direct visitors to the website, social media and then Pay Per Click/Search Engine Ads. There were also a fair number of customers who searched, visited the website and then chose to visit one of their showrooms in person…and then became a lead/customer.

To see their website, please visit: https//codypools.com

So how is your website performing for your business? Are you happy with your website traffic? Is it delivering the qualified leads you need to grow and sustain your business? If you have any questions, or just would like to talk to us about designing/redesigning your website…please don’t hesitate to contact us. We love helping businesses make a splash on the web.